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Packers & Movers International: International Steels Limited Project in Karachi

Driving Financial Growth Through Precision Logistics – Transporting a 15-ton Heavy Machine with Sea Worthy Wooden Packing

At Packers & Movers International, we are proud to have played a vital role in the success of the International Steels Limited project in Karachi. Our expertise in precision logistics was put to the test as we orchestrated the safe and efficient transportation of a substantial 15-ton heavy machine, employing specialized Sea Worthy wooden packing techniques.

  • Project Overview

  • International Steels Limited Project

  • Scope of Work: Our dedicated team managed the intricate logistics of transporting a 15-ton heavy machine as part of the International Steels Limited project in Karachi.

  • Specialized Packing: Utilizing advanced Sea Worthy wooden packing methods to ensure the secure transit and storage of the heavy machinery.

Customized Wooden Crating

Crafting bespoke wooden crates precisely tailored for the dimensions and specifications of the 15-ton heavy machine.

Secure Fastening Techniques

Implementing advanced fastening methods to prevent any movement during transit, ensuring the utmost safety of the machinery.

Environmental Protection

Incorporating measures to shield the machine from environmental factors such as moisture, humidity, and other external elements.

Our proficiency in Sea Worthy wooden packing guarantees the safe transportation of delicate and heavy machinery, featuring

Why Choose Packers & Movers International?

Specialized Project Handling / Customized Solutions: Demonstrating expertise in handling specialized projects, including the transportation of heavy machinery. Tailoring our services to meet the unique requirements of each project, ensuring precision and reliability.

Global Compliance / Customer Satisfaction: Adhering to international standards and regulations in every aspect of our logistics services. Prioritizing customer satisfaction by delivering excellence in every project we undertake.