Local Moving

We shift your household goods, office goods from any store of your bungalow, Apartment, Flat and Office premises. In careful manner. Before shifting the household goods & office goods (i.e. crockery, furniture and dlicate items etc.) we pack and wrap it properly according to requirement and condition of goods to ensure safe and sound shifting.

We provide Boxes to client (who intends to get our services) for Clothes hanging purpose and for placing the shoes items systematically in addition to pack the crockery, utensils and other in use items in provided Boxes. The wrapping of contemporary furniture is also be done by experienced workers under the supervision of our trained staff who vigilantly take care about your goods during packing, shifting and its unloading at your primises.

The shifting rates are different according to quantity of goods, situation of storey wise premises and in this connection. Our representative pay the visit the premises for inspections of goods etc. (on your call) and let you know the shifting charges by phone after inspections of goods & premises.


We shift/remove the delicate & heavy goods from one place to another place (within Karachi) under the supervision of trained staff by using laborers, Crane, Lifter, Chainpully, Truck, Trailer as for require of job.

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