International Moving by Sea (FCL)

  • FCL (Full Container Load) Shipment

  • Customs Brokerage for a Shipment

  • Sea Freight (FCL) at Origin

International Moving by Sea (LCL)
  • LCL (Less than Container Load)

  • Customs Brokerage for a Shipment

  • Sea Freight (FCL) at Origin

International Moving by Air
  • Air Freight Volumetric

  • Actual or Positional Weight

  • Whichever is Greater

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Destination Door Delivery Streamlining International Relocations

Port Infrastructure Surcharges

Wharf / Surcharge / NVOCC

Destination Terminal Handling

Destination Port/Terminal Handling Charges (DTHC)

Delivery of HHGPE to Residence

Offloading/Unpacking/Removal of Debris at (Destination)

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For International Moving Via Sea / Air Transportation, The Process Typically Involves Several Key Steps

These steps represent a simplified overview of the international moving process via sea and air transportation, highlighting the key stages involved in relocating goods across borders. It’s important to note that each relocation in unique, and additional steps or considerations may apply depending on the specific requirements and circumstances of the move.

Preparation / Sea Worthy Packing

Initial assessment and planning to determine the most suitable mode of transportation (Sea or Air) based on factors such as distance, urgency, and the nature of the cargo. Comprehensive packing of goods, ensuring they are properly secured and protected for the journey. Compliance with international shipping regulations and documentation requirements, including customs declaration and import/export paperwork.

Transportation and Shipping

Sea transportation goods are loaded onto shipping containers or cargo vessels for transport via sea routes. This method is often chosen for larger shipments or non-urgent deliveries, as it offers cost-effective transportation over longer distances. Air Transportation cargo is transported via air freight services, providing a faster delivery option suitable for time-sensitive shipments or smaller volumes. This mode of transportation offers expedited delivery but may come with higher costs compared to sea freight.

Customs Clearance & Delivery

Upon arrival at the destination port or airport, customs clearance procedures are carried out to facilitate the legal entry of goods into the receiving country. Delivery and distribution of goods to the final destination, which may involve coordination with local logistics partners or freight forwarding agents. Final unpacking and setup of goods at the destination, ensuring a smooth transition for individuals or businesses relocating internationally.

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This was my first international move and when they mentioned that I was to pay it upfront and would not get charged again, I was apprehensive about it. But after some time calling and comparing, I realized this was the norm for international moving. I had tons of questions and answers for all of them. Whole staff was very patient with me and understand why I was so nervous. Everything arrived in Houston U.S. within the promised dates we were given. No damage of any kind and the moves were nice enough to open the fragile boxes to prove to us that nothing was damaged.

Description of Work: Moved (LCL) Volume 10 CBM Lift Van Wooden Box, Houston U.S.

Mukhtar Ahmed

Everything arrived undamaged and communication was good. I usually write bad reviews about movers but can’t think of too much negative to say about them. They really proved to us that they were the right company for the job. International moving is much different than local. It requires much more planning, more money and much more organization. Since we never used this company before we had our doubts, but they proved themselves well. I personally recommend them.

Description of Work: Moved (FCL) 1X20ft Container, Manchester England